Create. Grow. Build. Connect. Complete. Achieve.

 Looking to start up a new business , grow a existing company, or a individual looking to market their self. Lets us assist you. We do back/front end administration setup along with helping you create networking/marketing tools. Create tracking guides/templates to organize all aspects of your business or even day to day life. We help setup accounts, billing/payroll, design advertisements/merchandise, create training guides, train employees on tips to gain profits/draw in revenue. We can also assist you on staying up to date with competitors and compliance to keep your business in the fore front. Every person has the potential to be great. With the right backing and proper format you too can grow to unreachable heights no matter what business, idea, or platform. We assure you this using a team of genius experts certified in a vast field of knowledge.  Create. Grow. Build. Connect. Complete. Achieve.

Creative Connect Consulting

Here at Creative Connect Consulting we help companies start-up then thrive. We believe that with the correct connections and tools any person/business can grow  beyond their own expectations. We  don't just settle for success we push the boundaries to help you & your business. With knowledge, networking, and non-stop dedication we guarantee that we will give you everything you need for the key to success.  


A vision.

Every company started with a dream, a vision, and a goal. We take that initial thought and make it a reality using expert opinions  to assist you  in  start up for  business accounts; banking, billing, payroll. Assist you in registering your (Corp., LLC., DBA., etc.) w/ both the state and IRS to obtain your company name & Federal Tax ID (EIN). Assist you in applications for licensing/permits. Most importantly, assist you in writing a business plan which will ultimately become your companies foundation.

Starting to grow.

In order to thrive you need a strong team &  online presence.  We create your domain, set up company emails, build your website & highlight your features. Create your brand,  logos, scripts, advertisements, networking, marketing, & social presence. Create training guides for employees based on your specific business model, standards, & expectations. Provide training sessions to learn bookkeeping skills including understanding your finances and how to balance/manage accounts. Gain the skills on how to increase profits and achieve success with any business venture or idea.  

Tracking progress.

Organizational and time management skills are two of the most important if not the two most essential factors in business. We use your business plan to model templates, spreadsheets, documents, files, etc.  Track income and expenses. Inform and assist you on lead generation as well as create a proper system to follow-up with leads & clients. Train you & your employees on how to stay up to date with compliancy, properly maintain files, and overall increase profits and revenue. We will also advise you on skills for organizing and scheduling appointments while balancing your day to day routine.

Enjoy the results. 

Our most important value is quality care and customer satisfaction. We assure you our full dedication as well as our genius team of certified professionals in numerous fields to assist you in any business endeavor. Our consulting specialists will provide expertise advice to  give your company the tools and skill sets necessary to flourish and stand up against your competitors now and in the future. You'll gain peace of mind  and the skills to become a leading  entrepreneur in todays competitive environment. Behind every success story was a team of mentors, coaches, tutors, trainers, and consultants.



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