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About us

Just like your company or idea, Creative Connect Consulting started off as a  vision and a goal. Our vision was to reach out and network to make connections in order to help peoples dreams become their reality. We started off small doing graphic and web design; eventually we expanded our services to help others in any field or category achieve, maintain, and grow their success.  We believe in you and are willing to fully dedicate our time, knowledge, and experience. 

We work with a team of certified business professionals skilled in billing, coding, marketing, management, & administrations.

A word from our CEO;

       "Since I was a child I've always been a dreamer. My young heart was full of ambition and my thoughts far exceeded my small upbringings. I remember watching my mother overworked with long hours of strenuous labor while struggling to provide for me and my brother. I didn't know much then but I knew I wanted more for me and my family. Like any misguided individual I made mistakes in life, love, and even business along the way; especially when first starting out. Still I never let my downfalls defeat or define me, instead I viewed it as a learning experience & a opportunity to grow. Every person at one point in their life falls down but the real key to success is to use that feeling and turn it into strength. That's what I did by surrounding myself with a network of supportive, caring, and wise individuals  who have inspired, mentored, coached, & over all have driven me to where I am today. I wish to use my years of experience in office administrations & management as well as the team of brilliant minds I personally work alongside with  in order to help others feel inspired & become successful no matter what  business venture, idea, vision, or dream they have in mind."

Founder / CEO of Creative Connect Consulting

Turn a vision into your reality.

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